Autotrade Confirmation - Pearler

Hi there,

It seems that Pearler has an built-in integration with Sharesight and had no option to add secondary emails to Navexa (or other portfolio providers).

After having a long chat with Pearler, they now manage to add a secondary email to the Pearler setting where I can specify the Navexa portfolio email ID. The challenge I can see is that Pearler send two trade confirmations / trade contract notes (not sure why …). One through open-market and other one through Pearler. The format of the Pearler contract note is different to open-market one. Furthermore, secondary email setting in Pearler is only applicable to the Pearler contract note and NOT to the open market contract note.

While the open market contract note is compliant with Navexa but the Pearler contract note seems to be not compliant with auto-trade conformation of Navexa.
Is it possible to add Pearler contract note in the supported list of auto trade confirmations?