Currency Exchange Rate Inversion? AUDUSD to USDAUD

Hi Team,

A recent subscriber to the platform. Great features available at a great price.

One major item I’m having an issue with is manually importing my trades to track my portfolio performance. I largely trades US stocks only with the occasional ASX purchase. My CFD broker (IG markets) converts the currency USD/AUD (e.g. 1.324356) and the Navexa Exchange Rate only converts AUD/USD (e.g. 0.710304). It does not have the option for USD/AUD conversion.

So when it comes to inputting my trades, I’m not getting an accurate representation of the true currency gain, as I have to rely the AUD/USD conversion provided by Navexa on the particular date of purchase or sale. This is fine for tracking performance, but not from a tax reporting perspective.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of resolving this function or have any suggestions?!

Thanks, Hugh

Hi @Hugh89 thanks for letting us know about this one.

At the moment the only way would be to convert it to the AUD/USD format to add the trades.

But we will investigate what it would take to support this on the platform.

Hi @Navarre ,

Thanks for the response mate. Much appreciated.

I know this is currently an active function available in Sharesight and it’s very useful especially for international investors. As you can imagine, if i’m importing a trade manually from a trade 1 month ago, I’m not really going to have the ability to do an accurate conversion from AUDUSD to USDAUD as one month has already passed. All I can do for the time being is rely on the AUDUSD exchange rate available on that particular day provided in the Navexa platform. This gives me a rough idea of my currency gains/loss but not to a tee.

Loving your work so far though. Keep it up.