Daily movements

I note when I sign on I can see the percentages that a stock has gone up or down. A nice feature would be to see the same in dollars - both for shares and the portfolio. Eg the portfolio has increased by $150 today or similar.

To do that, just change the time range in the drop down menu at the top right of the page from “All Time” to “Today”.

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It really should be shown on the summary bar.

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I’m assuming one of the main reasons that hasn’t been done is because the data is not real time (I think it is 20 minutes delayed for the ASX), so the daily change from your broker is probably better for that purpose.
I guess showing it in the summary bar would be nice to have, just as long as it doesn’t have too much impact on the speed of loading the page.

Interesting suggestions here. So I’m gathering you want to see the ‘Today’ change regardless of what the time frame is set to in the date range selector?

Can I upvote this feature too? haha I love it!