Diversification/ Holding treemap

Hey Navexa Team,

Love the platform, it has certainly impressed me in the relatively short time I have used it!!

I have a spreadsheet that tracks my investments and have some ideas that could potentially be a good integration into the homepage. Please see attached a couple of example treemap graphs that are included in my spreadsheet amongst others.

Incorporating a sector holding, stock holding graphs and possibly the contributions report graph (already within the platform) as optional widgets that could be added to a fully customisable homepage. Allowing the user to adjust the homepage as to how they would like it setup based on their personal preferences.

Within the treemap graph examples below, you could potentially have a small information bubble displaying things such as holding value, length of time held, potentially stock performance, etc. when you click on a ticker.

Just a couple of ideas I’ve had, interested to know what people think.

Thanks in advance,

Sector Holdings Treemap

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Another Sector Treemap suggestion (sorry for the multiple posts, I could only add one image per post haha)

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Hey Blake! Thanks so much for this. We’re shortly going to be looking into a whole heap of awesome tools and visualizations we can build out to make the portfolio page experience next level. This is an awesome suggestion and our dev team will 100% take it onboard. Keep the suggestions coming — that goes for everyone who has an idea for what they’d like their account to do for them.


:100: This is a terrific feature suggestion @blake.whyte! We will put it to the team!

Just a note, I have renamed the topic title to describe the feature itself - but your post content is perfection.