Feature request: Return vs index


What I would really like to know is whether my individual investments are under-performing or out-performing the index. So, for each investment what was the index return over the holding period as a percentage, compared with the investment return as a percentage. The difference is my over/under performance for that investment. Perhaps an annualised figure might also be useful.

As a bonus it would then be useful to charted this under/over performance for a portfolio. I guess for a specific date the total over performance would be the sum of the individual investment over/under performances to date, weighted by the size of the initial investment? Not sure how to deal with closed investments though.

I know you can plot your % return against an index, however this can produce pretty silly results. One of the first investments I made in one of my portfolios was very small and speculative and quickly halved in value creating a very negative % return. Since then I have invested a lot more money and made much better returns. However the graph of % return vs the index seems to be massively skewed due to this poor initial investment which was large in % terms at the time but minuscule in $ terms today. The inverse also happened later when I made a larger investment which seems to have lowered my percentage return vs the market, presumably because it represents a larger portion of my overall investments but the return is small due to being in the market for a very short time? Or maybe it was just a bad investment - its kinda hard to tell.


Are there any updates on this?

Hi, are there any updates on this feature?

Hi @young_dazza sorry for the late reply on this.

We’ll look at adding benchmarking on an individual holding level shortly.

As for your last paragraph, the weight of the investment is taken into account when calculating performance. So if you do a large purchase into your portfolio, it will increase your overall cost base which will decrease your performance.

E.g. if you had $1000 invested and were currently up at $1100 making a 10% capital gain. Then suddenly you buy $10k worth of shares, your costbase would now be ($1000 + $10000) $11000 with a capital gain of only $100. So your performance naturally is much less now.

Hope that helps.

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