Overview suggestions

Hi team,

Was wondering whether we’re able to incorporate the following onto the overview page under “closed trades”

  • Purchase price
  • Sale price (the price you’ve sold at)

For "“holdings” are we able to also add

  • purchase price

On the overview page, are we able to toggle the graph to display current monthly trade profit/loss whether it be a % or $ value, only for the positions you have actively bought/trade in the specified time period you’re graphing

I hope all this makes sense

Thank you

Yes I also would like to have the option to show the purchase price for all. For the closed holding, the last sale price would also be good.
I also agree that having a filter to include show assets that you traded (or reverse exclude traded assets) in this period would be good.
It would be interesting compare performance for the last year for the assets purchased vs the assets where no trades were made. And a slightly different variation is for the assets I sold, what would have happen if I held onto them.
This is most likely filters in the portfolio performance report.