Portfolio Dashboard View

In the Portfolio Dashboard, setting the date range (eg. ‘This Financial Year’) displays gains/losses from a calculation of the price of the holding as at the start of the viewing range (eg. 1 July 2021) to the value as of the end of the date range (eg. 30 June 2022 or today if it is prior to the end date).

This is fine for seeing how you are performing so far this year, but it does not show your actual position for the set period, based on the purchase price of the holding.

What I would like to see is an option (switch?) where you can see the capital gain to the end date based on the actual purchase price of the holdings that were held at the start of the period (so does not include holdings that were disposed prior to that period) and calculates the actual capital gain as per the end date of the filter.

This would actually give me a ‘real’ calculation of my financial position (capital gain and total return) as calculated between the start and end dates.

Hope this makes sense.

Agree - this would be a good improvement!

Agreed. this feature will be a good add on.