Portfolio view having custom date ranges

The Portfolio view is fantastic and one of the main reasons I have chosen to subscribe to Navexa. One feature I would like is the ability to enter a date range. e.g. from 1/4/2021 to 31/12/2021. I know you can do this in Portfolio Performance Report, but the portfolio view has the extra features of Custom Grouping, weightings and Income Return.
The other enhancement would be that the circle sectors by value graph shows the value based on the Group By selected option.
A minor defect is that in the Trading view, when viewing a combined group, the Closed Trades do not show any values.

Hi @NLeed,

I’m a user like you I only seek clarification.

At the top right of screen you can from the dropdown box under your name pick a variety of periods I presume you want custom date added to that list?

Or are you after the custom groupings, weightings and income return added to the performance report?

The first option is more likely to be an easier change than the other.

I think the circle sectors value graph is based on what you’re currently invested in. If that is the case any gain/loss you’d made on a prior trade is probably better shown in a CGT or performance report?

On the front page I really want to see what I’m currently in.

Having said that, making the circle change to the “group by setting” (exchange, sector, industry etc) would be neat.

I’m trying to work out if I should add one of my votes.

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Hi Mike,
I’m looking at the website version of the main Portfolio screen.
Yes, at the top I would like to choose a new custom date range, and then choose my own period (i.e. all the current options are only from a selected period, and always to Todays date, and I want a period upto a specified date or specific date range).
The alternative is to update the performance reports (1st preference would be to update the main portfolio screen with date range).
With regards to the circle sectors value graph, If I select a different group by, I would like to see the graph reflect the end balance grouped by the Group By option I have selected.


Yep that would be great @NLeed - You’ve got my vote - not that its worth much…

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@Mike :laughing:

This is a very good feature @NLeed , I have actually had it on my mind for a while! Rest assured it is on the list

Thanks, and another thing to add to the list of improvements is the ability to create a PDF from this portfolio view (Including the graph, etc.). Currently from the Browser, it does not format correctly if you try to print. I currently screen shot sections and join them together as a report for others/auditors.

I agree. Custom dates are important when analysing performance across different market periods. For example, during the post-COVID-19 bull run, it would be nice to see exactly how I did during that exact period.