Rebalancing calculator

It’d be handy to have a way to calculate how much I’d need to buy/sell in order to get holdings to hit specific weightings. At the moment I’ve got a portfolio running Hedgefundie’s Excellent Adventure (55% UPRO and 45% TMF), the idea being that you buy/sell each of them at the start of every quarter to get it back to the 55/45 ratio.

This is relatively simple to figure out using some math, however I am lazy and it would be nice to have a calculator built in to Navexa to tell me exactly how much I need to buy/sell to get back to target ratios. This could also be handy for more complex profiles, maybe for people trying to hold 80% ETFs and 20% speccies, or 50% ASX/50% US, or 10% evenly spread on every holding etc.

I use SelfWealth as my broker - they offer a re-balance feature :wink:

@lid2000, sorry for the late response. Very cool, simple idea.

If it garners some attention (votes), we will prioritise it!