Suggested Improvements

My suggested improvements:

  1. Ability to see what your weighting of holdings is to total portfolio amount. This is important to allow rebalancing if needed.
  2. Ability to put separate groups (of holdings, say LIC, ETC, Individual Stocks etc) into portfolio returns within the performance chart, see below screen grab for reference. That way you can track different investment vehicles comparatively.
  3. Within a holding summary page and overall portfolio summary page, ability to have preferred views settings and lock that in so it doesn’t refresh every time you reopen the page (like trade dates from earliest to latest)
  4. Ensure unit prices of unlisted managed funds are automatically updated instead of having to manually enter data (like Sharesights does)
  5. Ability to have a page which tracks previous ex dividend/pay dates & half yearly/annual reporting dates prior to announcements so indicative dates can be forecasted ahead of time
  6. Better linking of news, company and ASX announcements for each share with an option for email/app alerts as this could lead to prompt sell/buy actions
  7. Include alerts for significant price shifts (up or down) with parameters to be set.
  8. Daily email summary of portfolio performance (could be incorporated into item 6)
  9. Customised groupings in Portfolio (ETF, Individual Shares, US)
  10. Ability to see all trades/adjustments & dividends on one page (instead of Page 1,2,3 etc)
  11. Ability to have customised target portfolios!
  12. Holding values and general history needs to be for the duration, not a max 3 years. Hugely important for long term investors
  13. No yield or yearly return in unlisted managed fund summary page.
  14. A total return column in addition to the per annum performance!
  15. Ability to select default view of 20, 50 shares etc.
  16. Ability to include closed positions in total performance calculations but NOT have to select all holdings.
  17. Ongoing glitch with US share performance.
  18. Is there no way to get live share performance rather then 20 minute delayed pricing?

Hey @AnthD! This is a mega list of suggestions. Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing with us. You raise several points we’re already considering/working on. We’ll keep you posted on this thread as to exactly what’s in the pipeline and when.

RE: Point 17, could you let us know more about the US share performance glitch so we can look into that for you?


Often the share pricing is delayed or not available. Seems to have stabilised more recently though.

In addition to managed fund pricing information, will it be possible to also add unlisted assets in USD?

Any updates on these?

Are there any updates on this?

Hi, are there any updates on this?