Tax Reporting - 'specific identification method'

In the Tax Report settings it offers two methods for determining which parcel of shares you sold.
1)First in First out.
2)Last in First out.

Could the specific identification method be added?

Hi @Ljfillmore24292 do you mean where you can select the exact parcel of shares being sold?

Exactly. See this ato certified comment on it. Answered: CGT - Selecting share parcels I sold - ATO Community

Perhaps if that is your selected technique each sale has a marker hover like the dividend ‘verification’ and you just go in and link it to the right purchase parcels?

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Hey @Ljfillmore24292. This feature is something @Navarre and I have discussed in the past. It does add an order of complexity across the platform, so it isn’t super high on the priority list… But it is on “the list”

I agree that would be a great feature, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be the guy to have to write the code for it!
FiFo is good enough for the most part - it is mainly if I have the same stock across multiple brokers (and thus HIN’s) but still within the same tax entity/Navexa portfolio that the specific identification method would be nice to have, but it is certainly not an essential feature to me.

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Spot on Tony- same stock across two brokers- good pick up.

Marinate on it Navexa. I have faith :wink: