Taxable Income Report - Missing Fields

Hi Navexa,

Would it be possible to include the below fields to the ‘Taxable Income Report’?

  • 10L Gross interest
  • 10M TFN amounts withheld from gross interest
  • 11V TFN amounts withheld from dividends
  • D8 Dividend deductions @ 50 %
  • 13R Share of credit for tax file number amounts withheld from interest, dividends and unit trust distributions
  • 18H As recorded on the capital gains tax report
  • 18A As recorded on the capital gains tax report
  • 20F Australian franking credits from a New Zealand franking company

Hey @eranga! Thanks for this. Everything is possible, it’s just a matter of time and resources dictating which improvements get priority. I can’t give you a firm timeline on this one right now, but I can say we 100% have major improvements to our tax reporting tools high on our to-do list. Stay tuned.

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