Weekly and Monthly email updates

This email contains updates on my portfolios.

Could it also include my Portfolio Groups?

Hey LJ,

That’s entirely possible. Our email updates have a lot of room to grow in terms of the data and insights they’ll deliver. Thank you for this suggestion and we will keep you posted!

I’d like to see a price trigger email update e.g. if one of my holdings moves up or down by x% e.g. 5% or more then send me an email. I know most brokers offer this but it relies on you setting the trigger for each stock. It would be great to set the value for all my portfolio holdings so if any holding changes by x% it fires off an email letting me know e.g. CBA up 10% today… food for thought. would not need to be real time reporting end of day is ok.


Great suggestion, Vince. This one is on the radar for sure — so it’s great to know it would be valuable to you.

Some great ideas in here. As @thom mentioned, we’ve got a lot of plans for these emails coming up, so we’ll factor these suggestions in as we go.

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