Add / Amend cost base adjustment entry

While importing data, we need to adjust cost base based on past years annual statements. That is the only way I see to align cost base after import. How do add or amend with this cost base adjustment entry? I am getting errors or no luck, no message.

For example, I am trying to add cost base adjustment (tax deferred or cost base increase / decrease) to align cost base by a new dividend entry. “Add” no luck with the cost base adjustment amount. What is the way to post adjustment as a new entry or amendment?
“Amend” existing entry does not allow me to post cost base adjustment with the update field greyed out. Struck.

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Adjusting cost base is pretty essential - is this being considered for the feature roadmap?

Hi all, we will be looking into this very shortly. I’ll provide updates here.

Have you progressed any further with a cost base adjusting method? I ask because My SMSF is in pension mode where all parcels are averaged as per ATO rules.