Add / Amend cost base adjustment entry

While importing data, we need to adjust cost base based on past years annual statements. That is the only way I see to align cost base after import. How do add or amend with this cost base adjustment entry? I am getting errors or no luck, no message.

For example, I am trying to add cost base adjustment (tax deferred or cost base increase / decrease) to align cost base by a new dividend entry. “Add” no luck with the cost base adjustment amount. What is the way to post adjustment as a new entry or amendment?
“Amend” existing entry does not allow me to post cost base adjustment with the update field greyed out. Struck.

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Adjusting cost base is pretty essential - is this being considered for the feature roadmap?

Hi all, we will be looking into this very shortly. I’ll provide updates here.

Have you progressed any further with a cost base adjusting method? I ask because My SMSF is in pension mode where all parcels are averaged as per ATO rules.

Please advise any workarounds on this key need to migrate and realign the cost base. Thanks

What issue are you getting when adjusting the costbase in the dividends?

Update dividend ICON gets grayed out and not allowing me to click when I enter just cost base adjustment value and all other fields are zeros. This is just to realign cost base while migrating and to take care of moving forward performance gains, income, etc.

Hi @JerryBurry would having a trade type called ‘Cost base adjustment’, where you can set the date and what the cost base should be. Would that solve what you are trying to do?

Yes, both increase and decrease cost base are needed. I thought of return of capital. But that solves only decrease. We rather have cost base adjustment both increase and decrease, with the capability to accept negative amount. Appreciate your immediate initiative on this.

What about if you can just enter what the cost base is on a particular date?

OK. Probably we can manually add comment what was the adjustment amount due to migration. In any option, there will be impact to capital gain calculation, which we may have to bear with that.

I notice return of capital allows negative amount. Can that be used to adjust cost base both positive and negative amount? Thanks

Alright, it has been done!

We have added 2 new trade types:

  1. Cost Base Increase
  2. Cost Base Decrease

They are fairly self explanatory in what they do. This will allow you to alter the cost base for historical purposes.

Thanks. If we setup cash account to synchronize trades, return of capital, cost base increase or decrease amounts will also go to cash accounts. To synchronize bank accounts, these need to be excluded. Any tips on that to exclude them, as they normally go to dividend pay out accounts?