Add more Date Selectors to the app!

Hey Navexa team, I really love the Navexa App.
It would be great if the app had more date selectors, to properly line up with the website. Such as:

  • Last 5 Years
  • Last 10 Years
  • this financial year
  • custom ranges

Thanks again!

This is a good suggestion! We will look at adding more/ better date selections into our upcoming App release.

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This feature is currently under development! We are packing a lot of great improvements into the app, so it will probably take a little bit longer than you think it should. It will be an exciting release though!


Well, this took us a bit longer than expected…

Check out the new app version for one of the best date selectors on the app store! (in my opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

We are excited for other ideas and feedback you might have, so keep it comin’!

It’s a great date selector. I like

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