Aus Managed Fund Data is here!

We have just added support for Australian Managed Funds.

You can now add your managed fund trades into Navexa in the same way you would add any other stock.

It is not accepting Vanguard funds, but accepting APN funds.

Is it going to auto log all distributions paid based on trade date?

Very nice.
I have updated my portfolio with some of the managed funds. Look forward to when more are available.

This is great news, but from reading a few comments below, not all managed funds are appearing. For example, I have OMF1140AU now safely entered into Navexa. But I also have an investment in OMF6696AU which is a different fund with the same fund manager. Is this a bug or can we expect these and other funds to be added to the list over time?

Hi All, we have fixed up the issue preventing some of the managed funds not working. Give it a go now!

Hi Vanguard funds still not accepted

I was able to add all my managed funds, so I’m happy :smiley:

Can you bulk upload historic managed fund data?

I have Vanguard and it does not seem to be updating the current price. Have a done something wrong?

Any plans to add Spaceship portfolios? I used to use an excel based portfolio tracker and it had these, so assuming it should have an API or be published somewhere.

Hi Craig, this issue should now be resolved. Please get in touch at if you need further assistance.

I still have problems with Vanguard funds not getting added - VAN0111AU, VAN0023AU, VAN0108AU. Thanks

Make sure you type in the full code when adding the holding, eg. VAN0111AU

Then it will show up.

Shoot through an email to if you get stuck.

Many thanks. Worked like breeze. . :grinning: :grinning:

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I’m currently trialing Navexa and during my account setup have added OMF6696AU & OMF1140AU into the new managed fund feature both imported with no issues, however when I compare the actual numbers from my original software and Navexa they are different by a few dollars?

Great new feature worked like a charm with FRM9005AU. Saves me heaps of time!