Automated Broker Integrations

You can now create an automated integration with your Brokerage, to keep your portfolios in sync!

In the Nav menu, under Account > Integrations, you can now find the Account integrations page! (coming soon to the app)

To set up a link:

  1. Navigate to the Account Integrations page and select “Link Broker Account”
  2. Find either CommSec or Selfwealth in the list of brokers.
  3. Read the prompts carefully, and enter your credentials.
    3a. Note: Your credentials are never stored or handled by Navexa.
  4. Select the Accounts within your brokerage you wish to sync to Navexa, and submit.
  5. Finally, select which portfolio you want to sync your Broker account into.
  6. Sit back and wait for your trades to show up!

This feature does take a bit of work to set up, but the advantage is that your portfolio should be kept in sync with your various brokerages - removing the need to do anything manually!

Currently, we only support integrating SelfWealth and CommSec - however we will be adding more brokerages in the near future as they verified for accuracy.

Please note that updates to the support brokerages might have a longer turn-around time, due to needing to interface with our third-party provider Yodlee. However if you encounter any issues, please reach out and we will work with you and Yodlee to resolve the issues!

Thanks heaps team, we are very excited to release this one.

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Hi Nick
This is really great but is not working for me.
I went through the steps of integrating my Commsec account and got a message confirming that I would receive an email when the import was complete. That was eight hours ago!

Can you suggest how I can check if this process is still running or has failed?

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Hey @MrSteve :wave: - I’ll reach out via email and we can get this sorted :slight_smile:

Hi Nick, I’m having a similar issue with the number of shares purchased seems to double and one trade has synced with 133% of actual holding.