Average Buy Price Added!

Hey everyone,

Today we released ‘Average Buy Price’!

You can see this in the holdings list on the overview page. You can enable it in the ‘Column Chooser’ if it is not visible.

It is also available in the key stats section inside a holding.

This average buy price is calculated from the cost base we use for the performance figures.

It does not factor in tax settings. ‘Tax cost base’ is the one you are after if that is what you want.

As always, feel free to give us feedback on what you think.

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Is there any way to rearrange columns? Typically avg buy price comes first, then Profit/Loss, # of units, then current price.

Hey @AnthD yes you can drag the columns into any order you like.

Fabulous and very helpful :grinning:

That’s great, wasn’t aware of that function. Cheers.

I jumped the gun on this one. There is one last bit we have to do so I have temporarily removed it from the site.

Will be back soon.

Alright Average Buy Price is back!

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