Can now hide closed positions from the list

You can now hide closed positions from the holdings list, while still having them included in the performance calculation.

Simply toggle this by clicking the eye icon at the top right of the holdings list:


Excellent - many thanks!

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Thanks for that great feature. But now closed positions are always included in your return totals, which is good for completeness but not if you want to know the performance of your current open positions. I have come up with a work around, by creating a custom group and selecting all my closed positions, so that I have a subtotal for opens and closed. This work around probably wouldn’t work for the active traders who are opening and closing positions frequently as it is a manual workaround.

Hi @Anth , in the portfolio settings, under calculation settings, you can toggle whether or not closed positions are included in the calculations.

The ‘eye’ toggle on the list, just hides them from view if you do have them included.

Hope that helps!

Cool. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check it out