Cash Account Automation

Cash Transactions can now be automatically created in your cash account when you perform trades or receive dividend payments.

Find out more about setting it up on our help page here.

Thanks @Navarre , I like this feature.
A couple of issues I can see.
Once I have setup the Cash Account, I am no longer able to add new transactions to the cash account. The existing ones stayed there.
Also, is there a way to delete the auto created dividend transaction? I have a situation where most companies are getting paid into one cash account (works perfect), then for a specific company is set to pay the dividend to a different bank account and I would like to manually flag at the dividend not to credit the cash account, or manually remove the entry in the cash account.

Hi @NLeed we have fixed the issue for adding new transactions.

We are working on a version 2 of this feature to allow you more specific control at a holding level.

Stay tuned for announcements on that.

Hi @Navarre. Any updates on the ability to specify a cash account at a holding level (for trades & dividends)? thanks

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