Cost base different between equity detail and Unrealised Capital Gains Summary

For an ASX equity that has had multiple buys and sells over the years using different taxlots orders (Sometimes in the Navexa CGT tax report choosing CGT Tax minimum, sometimes others years like FIFO), the Cost Base is showing up different. Under the equity it shows e.g. ($0.284 p/s), then under the Unrealised Capital Gains Summary report to today’s date, the sum of the cost base is different e.g. (COE $0.268 per share).
Also it would be nice to be able to adjust the cost base at a specific date so that going forward I would then use Navexa’s details rather than keeping the details in a spreadsheet.
Note: Almost all the other assets perfectly match Navexa’s because in most cases I have used Minimise CGT gain.