Crypto transactions in other currencies

It would be handy to be able to add crypto transactions (and brokerage fees) in currencies other than AUD (I.E. USD) with the built in exchange rate lookup like when adding US stocks.

Very interesting! I think this would be something we could do.

Basically the crypto holding would have a base currency of say USD and that could be inside a portfolio with a base currency of AUD.

Which as you say is just like how the US stocks currently work.


Thanks for your consideration,

Having a holding with a different base currency pair would work for my use case (I.E. the holding ticker is BTCUSD instead of BTC).

However it may be beneficial for other use cases if you kept the standard holding (BTC for example again), dropped the Buy/Sell transaction type and classified everything as a Trade Type transaction once that feature is working, for example if I’m at a USD based broker I would Trade USD for BTC, and at an AUD based broker I would trade AUD for BTC.

This keeps all BTC in the one holding (useful for lower tier subscriptions instead of using up multiple “holdings” for different crypto/currency pairs). As well as making tracking of transactions easier if you’ve transferred crypto between brokers with different base currencies.

Sorry if this confuses things.

That is a very interesting idea. It would definitely be complex to build, but sounds like it would be a solid way of handling those scenarios.

We’ll look into it a bit more and see what will make sense.