Do you have a personal finance blog/website?

Hey team!

They said it couldn’t be done

A few months ago, we emailed you with about a pretty unique feature we had been working on. Embeddable components! (what does that mean!? :sweat_smile:)

It simply means that you can embed some html in your personal blog or website, to provide a customisable, interactive, and live-updating view into your portfolio!

Here are some screenshots of a demo component:

The Portfolio Overview component - displays your portfolio’s performance stats (not including dollar figures), with a list of your current holdings!


The Chart Component - displays your portfolio’s annualised return percentage, benchmarked against your current benchmark! (requires an active Navexa subscription)

We have gotten some really great feedback from a few customers who are currently using this feature, and if it seems like something up your alley, we would love to offer it to you as well!

Currently we create these components upon request, but eventually we will consider integrating it in the website depending on demand.

We have a web page with some instructions on how to embed the components, and how to customise the styles to give them a bit of personal flair!

If you would like to embed your portfolio, reach out to


This is really cool! I’ve been wanting to start a financial blog tracking my poor decisions for a while - think I might finally sit down and start on it today.


Hey @lid2000 feel free to drop a link here to your blog!


For sure, it’s - I’ve got heaps of ideas for posts, just that I keep getting distracted with other things so it hasn’t been updated in a few weeks.


Hey Lid2000, great blog, keep it going very entertaining. Don’t give up on the dream of buying a house, sometimes you need to just dive in! In 20 years it will seem like it was a bargain… I agree superannuation seems likes chasing the carrot but it does come along. Trust me. I remember having the same thoughts and now it is within sight (10 - 15 years). I share your ‘FIRE’ dream :slight_smile:

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