Growth and Goals Dashboard

Hey team, first and foremost very happy with the new additions, absolutely love what you legends are cooking up behind the scenes and loving what is to come!!

Unfortunately, when I go to set a goal on the laptop it just logs me out of my account. There’s bound to be a few bugs early just thought I’d make the team aware can’t wait to really get stuck into this feature.



I’m getting the same outcome. I’m sure a fix won’t be very far away :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just found that the goals work fine for me if applied to individual portfolios and not to groups.

Haha ohh noo! :sweat_smile: In the interest of getting value in front of you guys as fast as possible, we released it knowing there were a few … “limitations” of creating goal for a grouped portfolio… We will get a fix released ASAP

Glad you guys are as hyped as we are! :muscle:

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We have fixed Growth & Goals now for portfolio groups!

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This is a handy feature however I would like to be able to see my goal as an overlay on the portfolio return screen as another benchmark. I would prefer the target value to be set as a percentage rather than an absolute value. For example in the next 12 months I would like to achieve a 15% return on my investments. Then this can be tracked as a benchmark on the main portfolio page. Hope this makes sense.

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Hey @Vince yes I agree. We have plans to roll out a bunch of different ways of tracking goals and even different types of goals as well like dividends for example.

So we’ll keep your suggestion in mind as we go.