Hiding blue side panel

New to navexa…
Would it be possible to hide the blue (left) side panel, to reclaim screen real estate (like in Selfwealth, TIKR, koyfin or other apps)?

Hey Olaf, We just released an update to the app. I believe that the side menu should now be hidden!

The new version doesn’t currently have very good tablet layouts. This is something that we will be fixing up soon. Any feedback or suggestions regarding how you would like the app to behave on a tablet would be greatly appreciated!

If i’m not mistaken, I believe @olaf was referring to the web app rather than the mobile app.

In the web app, the blue sidebar is very much still present and non-collapsible.

Kudos on the new mobile app, I look forward to tablet updates as I noticed last night that it’s currently not really optimized for larger screens.

I definitely meant collapsing the blue sidebar in the web app, which is still not possible unfortunately.
I haven’t used the mobile app yet, so can’t comment on that.

Hi @olaf this is on our roadmap to do to make it collapsible and then it will just have icons so that you have more screen real estate.

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Hi @olaf, this has just been released on the website!

Would love to get your feedback on it.

Loving this, however pop-out menu when collapsed is white on white until you hover


Tested in both Chrome / Firefox

Hi @HowMuch4Cash this will be fixed in 30mins. Sorry about that.


Terrific! Thanks for taking this on board and acting on it so quickly