Historical Cost Report

We have just launched the ‘Historical Cost’ report under the Tax Reports menu on the website.

This report will help people in preparing their end of year tax returns.

Please check it out and as always, let us know what you think!

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It will help a lot for migration to Navexa, based on time period selected. Eager to look at it, but currently getting “Gateway time-out” message. Once it is ok, le t me look in detail for rest of the portfolios migration to Navexa.

can not see under Tax reports menu.

It will be available now in the menu.

Great. It goes hand on hand with migration tallying shares - opening balance and closing balance. Any cost base adjustments can be done with the new trade options added.

Perfect. Now after cost base adjustments on a couple of shares, I have my cost base the same as the old system I migrated from. So CGT will be correct going forward and I don’t need to have any other spreadsheets or references.

@NLeed glad to hear it!