Holding Groupings

I want to be able to sort my different holdings into custom groups. Kinda like sectors.

Then I can view the portfolio and see the different groups performance.

Yes I would also like to be able to group by sector and industry too.


Waiting for this feature too! will definitely help when trying to rebalance a portfolio comprised of ETFs which cannot be automatically categorised.

Been wanting this feature (custom groupings) since migrating to Navexa bring it on!

We are planning on doing this one soon! We’ve had quite a few requests for this.

We would love to get more detail on how you would use this particular feature, so we can build the best version.

I’d use it for seperating my holdings by asset class.
So the headings for my hypothtical group would be:

  • Investment Properties
  • Australian Stocks
  • US Stocks
  • Stocks Aquired Through Crowdfunding
  • Private Companies I Run/Controll
  • Peer to Peer Lending
  • Cash Accounts

It would be great to also be able to hide certain catagories in some reports (eg: I might want to hide my cash accounts in certain cases - like determining what area I would like to increase my exposure to or I might exclude private companies I own when I’m looking to take some profits).

Yeah I second this @tony

The contributions report is really good for this sort of analysis on a stock by stock basis. But being able to dive into it on an asset class basis would be awesome too.

IMO the more features Navexa can roll out that give me tools to better understand where I’m winning and losing within my portfolio, the better!

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Quick Update on this:

V1 is now live! You can now group by Exchange, Industry, Sector etc.

V2 will consist of a way to setup your own groupings. We’ll look at building that in the coming weeks.


Yes, we definitely need custom groupings as V1 is confusing stock/ETF/LIC’s and arranging them incorrectly.

Alright, you asked and we have delivered!

The custom groups feature went live today. You can now setup groups of categories in anyway you see fit.

As always, check it out and give us feedback on what you think.


Thanks Navarre, For delivering what you promised! Appreciate the efforts the Navexa team have put in on this one. I have just been trying this out and works as requesed, I like it so far. It helps to view portfolios in the groups I prefer as expected and completely customisable :grinning:
Only one comment from me: It would be great if the portfolio grouping setting sticks/saves for each portfolio when you change from one portfolio to another. At the moment the grouping setting stays the same when you move to another portfolio where that particular grouping may not be relevant for the selected portfolio. Not a big problem but something to consider. Thanks again.

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Hey @Vince ah yes I see what you mean.

We will be doing a V2 on this custom groups stuff soon to add a few more sorting and filtering options when setting up the groups.

We also plan on adding this grouping functionality through all the relevant reports as well.

So while we are in there we will set it up to remember which group you have set per portfolio.

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@Navarre - Great, thank you. The feature is working well.
I am unsure how could we extend the feature to see a percentage contribution towards the total portfolio. For example of total portfolio how much is weightage towards Australia, International, Emrerging Market etc.

Is it possible to extend the custom group functionality to the existing view of “Portfolio Diversification” and “Sector by Value” Graphs /Reports?

looks good!
I am getting a bit of a bug though on first load when using chrome - for some reason my default view which is group by exchange, now has all my holdings listed without the groupings. I need to reselect the group by exchange drop down to reload the page correctly.

Hey @BillyGoat we’ll take a look at this and see what is going on.

Thanks for letting us know.

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Yes, me too. Refresh changes groupings. We need default page settings as a selectable set of options.

Would be good if grouping can be seen/edited within holding rather than having to go to the custom groups page.

Hey @person8888 that’s a good one. We’ll add it to our backlog to get done.