How do I process an in-specie dividend

On the 1st June 2022 BHP received an in-specie dividend for shares in Woodside. How do I process this transaction?


I was just about to post the same question. I can see the dividend is recognised in my BHP summary but obviously I can’t assign it as an issuing of WDS shares.

Hi All,

As these shares were of course paid out as an in specie distribution, you will need to enter a dividend in your BHP holding to represent it as income.

  1. ​Go to your BHP individual holding page

  2. Scroll to the dividend section

  3. ​Click ‘Add’

  4. In the Franked Amount section, enter the total dividend received = (BHP Units multiplied by $5.38)

  5. In the Franking Credit section, enter the franked amount = (BHP Units multiplied by $2.30)

  6. Click save

Forgive me for being a little confused, if I enter it as a dividend on BHP(which I can see has already been automatically implemented), what is the correct way to attribute the purchase cost of the WDS shares that were issued?