How to record DSSP/BSP?


I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to record the DSSP/BSP feature offered by a handful of ASX LICs. See AFIC for example. This is kinda like a DRP, but the issued shares are recorded with a cost basis of 0. I’ve tried the naive approach of just editing the DRP event to set share price to 0, but for some reason that results in those shares not contributing to my total holdings today.

For example, if I held $1k worth of AFI (132 shares) at their most recent dividend event (Aug 30), 2 DRP shares are issued. If I set the share price to 0, my portfolio today correctly shows 134 shares but the total holding value is calculated as though I only have 132. If I set DRP share price to $0.01, total holding value is calculated correctly for 134 shares.

This is a kind of fringe feature so I expect some messing around to make it work, but I wonder if anyone can suggest a good way to record it?