Income Column and dividend discrepancy question

I am not sure if I have something set wrong.

One of my ETF’s is showing the dividend income under the income column, and it contributes to the total performance. The other ETF’s that have had income from dividends the income column is $0, and therefore isn’t contributing to the total performance.

All of the ETF’s with the DRP available has it enabled, and I have cross checked that all of the dividend trades are correct.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

Hi there,

What date range do you have selected when viewing this page?

As the date range affects what data is included in the calculation.

If you choose a date range where no dividends were paid, then this column will show zero.

It wouldn’t let me go back to the first entry date which would have included those dividends.

@Navarre reverting back to this. It was indeed something silly I was doing (or more something I didn’t realise) the site tracks payment date. The dividends in question have been reported but the payment date is still in the future, so while the trade is sitting in the system, the various pages across the platform don’t show them.

Yes you are correct with the payment date.

Makes sense now. We can get better at indicating those future dividends are not included.

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