Issue: IVV (ASX) Trade are getting reported in USD in Portfolio

Hey team,

Since yesterday the auto trade confirmation for IVV (ASX) are calculated and recorded in USD in the Navexa portfolio instead of AUD. This issue is not with any other trades. I have raised a ticket yesterday and provided more information on it. No issues seen earlier with IVV(ASX) auto trade confirmation.

Anyone faced a similar issue earlier?


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I have similar issue for another trade today. ASX trade was calculated in USD. Raised ticket.

Hi all,

This will be fixed today. We have found the issue and are working on it.

Will that also fix the existing trades in the portfolio as shown in USD instead of AUD?
I am unable to make any manual adjustments as of now…


Hi Sach,

Can you email us at with any specific details and we can change them for you.

Hey @Navarre - I have provided the details to the existing case which I have opened for the above issue. Here is the reference number #3787 Trade Confirmation - Issue.


Hey @Sach - as you know Nav sorted this out via the support ticket.

Thanks for bringing this one to our attention

Thanks Guys for fixing the issue promptly.

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