***July 2021 New Features***

In case you missed our email covering the new features & improvements highlights from last month :slight_smile:

Demergers: Better CGT Handling

Our recently-launched merger/acquisition/demerger tool was useful from the outset. Now it’s better than ever.

Our tech team has emerged from some deep work on how Navexa handles capital gains tax calculation for demergers. We’re pleased to report they’ve emerged victorious — otherwise we’d be sending them back in.

Next time stocks in your account go through a demerger, your CGT obligations will come from a parcel-based, as opposed to a default long-term, approach.

This means Navexa now accurately handles all your tax hold duration discounts.

Choose Your Holding Grouping

The Forum has already given us a noticeable boost in how we collaborate with the community.

When @Ferox99 suggested an improvement to the way we display your holdings on the portfolio page, several others backed the suggestion.

This one’s an ongoing project — we have more to come. But we’re pleased to report you can now group your holdings by exchange, sector, industry and currency.

More Support For Bendigo Direct Customers

Those trading with Bendigo Direct and tracking with Navexa now have more support than ever.

We’ve now launched both broker file upload and contract note automation for Bendigo Direct files and notes.

If you’d like support with a file importer or contract note linking for a broker we don’t yet have integrations for — hit us up!

Improvements To Our File Importer

On the topic of broker file imports, we’ve made some further adjustments to our file importing process in general.

With hundreds of people creating accounts and adding portfolio files every month, we’re always finding new loose threads to tie off.

Again, if you encounter any issues importing your historical trades into your Navexa account, get in touch and we’ll try to help you out pronto.

Cryptocurrency Logos

OK, it’s a small thing. But it’s a thing nonetheless, since we take pride in the look and feel of the Navexa platform, not just its speed and accuracy.

All your holdings — including cryptos — now display logos next to the holding name in your account.

Big changes and small — if they improve the quality of your experience using Navexa, we reckon they’re worthwhile.

So please keep the suggestions and feedback coming, be it through contacting our team directly or sharing your ideas on the forum.

My personal favourite feature of the month has to be the v1 of Holding groupings! Oh also the crypto icons are :100: !

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Currently trialling navexa and liking it so far.
About grouping…
When grouping by Exchange, it all works as expected.
When grouping by Currency, Total rows for each currency show $0 & 0% instead of the actual numbers.
When grouping by Sector or Industry, nothing happens (same as grouping by None)