Lend Lease Group in Navexa Tax return

LLC is a stapled unit, ie Lend Lease Corp and Lend Lease Trust. The dividends from the company are declarable in the FY received, and the distributions from the trust are declarable in the FY for which the distribution statement covers, as with other trusts. The annual statement for Lend Lease Group covers both: and the trust component appears ok in the taxable income table, but there is nowhere in Navexa to input the dividends (11T & 11S) and franking credits (11U) received from the company. Thus the ATO report isn’t correct. Do I have this correct? Or have I missed a ‘button’ or a step in the process? It might be possible to insert the company dividend components in the trust areas of 13c, 13Q, but this might run foul of ATO data matching. Thank you.