Lock Sale Allocation Method for CGT/Tax Period


I think it’s really important to be able to lock Sale allocation method for a FY period. The errors in CGT calculations can be dramatic if its not locked.

How does it currently work?

For example, if I have selected Minimise Gain for FY22 and Maximise Gain for FY23, as long as I don’t change previous FY settings in Navexa does it know which parcels of the same stock have been sold and which are still held with their individual cost bases?

Or will it assume that any of the parcels are available for sale, and unless you have used the same allocation method every year for each stock your cost base will be an unknown mess?

It makes me very nervous not being able to lock these allocations. Accidentally changing a previous FY’s allocation method creates an awful mess every year after that (unless you always buy and sell entire holding parcels at once ofc).
The CGT reporting, and being able to select different allocation methods is to me the most useful and time saving feature of a portfolio tracker and I need to be confident that it’s accurate.

Hi there,

At the moment the lock is implicit.

Once you set a financial years settings, they will stay that way.

If you have never set any financial years settings, they will default to FIFO.

We are looking at improving this process shortly, so we will keep your feedback in mind.