New Tax Overview Page

We have just launched our new Tax Overview page.

From here you can see an overview of your capital gains and income.

It will also help you get tax ready.

By showing you dividends that need confirming, holdings that need fixing etc.

More new changes around our tax reporting are coming soon.

Very nice.
One minor suggestion is if there is an ability to default the Period. i.e. After I have finished with last years tax year, I would like to default to this years tax year. Just a minor improvement to save a click (and I guess some back end calculation time) as I switch between the different portfolios and the different sub tax reports.

Hi @NLeed yes this is a good idea.

We’ll get it sorted.

It is a breeze to confirm all dividends in one page. Excellent :grinning:

By any chance, has it reset all confirmed transactions to nonconfirmed?

No it will only display the confirm button if it is unconfirmed already.

great feature love the overview !