PocketSmith integration

I am looking at moving from ShareSight to Navexa because it just seems a bit friendlier,

I use PocketSmith however for other personal accounting purposes, and PocketSmith has integration with ShareSight to pull in your current balances in to your total investments/net worth.

First question first does Navexa have an API for this integration? Second has there been any conversations with PocketSmith on integrations?

The only share tracker that pocketsmith supports today is sharesight and it might be good for some competition in this space and it also might be a good way of getting navexa’s name out…

Hi @camm interesting suggestion! I also use PocketSmith personally so that would be a good one to have.

We are currently building out our APIs for a couple of other projects, so hopefully we’ll be able to discuss integrating once those are ready.