Portfolio Weighting Column

I want to see the weighting of each holding in the portfolio list. A new column, even if its optional would be perfect.

Is there any updates on this? It’s a critical part of portfolio tracking and I would’ve thought it would be included by now.

Hey @AnthD this is a feature coming up shortly in our roadmap.

We’ll make it available as an optional column in the holdings list on the portfolio page.

More than just a column - it would be great to have a way to define a target portfolio (linked with the custom groups) and show the alignment of current portfolio to target portfolio.

Any updates on this one?

Aiming to be released today!


Hi @AnthD this has been released just now.

If you click the ‘Column Chooser’ button, you’ll see ‘Weighting’ as an option.

Thanks for your patience on this one!