Portfolio Weighting Column

I want to see the weighting of each holding in the portfolio list. A new column, even if its optional would be perfect.

Is there any updates on this? It’s a critical part of portfolio tracking and I would’ve thought it would be included by now.

Hey @AnthD this is a feature coming up shortly in our roadmap.

We’ll make it available as an optional column in the holdings list on the portfolio page.

More than just a column - it would be great to have a way to define a target portfolio (linked with the custom groups) and show the alignment of current portfolio to target portfolio.

Any updates on this one?

Aiming to be released today!


Hi @AnthD this has been released just now.

If you click the ‘Column Chooser’ button, you’ll see ‘Weighting’ as an option.

Thanks for your patience on this one!


Super helpful feature. Well Done