Return of Captial (Ardent Leisure)

I am seeing if anyone here knows how to process the Return of Capital for Ardent Leisure (ALG) that holder received this week?

We received a dividend (that was easy) but also a Return of Capital follow the sale of US assets.

I can see that there is a return of capital option in Navexa so I guess we use that. If it reduces my buy price, it does drop my buy price a little below $0 so that is a tad confusing.

I was wondering if Amy of the other holders knew how to record this one.

It seems that we reduce the cost base if the shares to Nil, and the remaining amount is a capital gain as of the return of capital date.

I have done that, but when I create a return of capital amount, the excess capital (as more than my cost base), is not coming up in the capital gains tax report (for our current financial year). The dividend shows in the taxable income report, but not excess return of capital in the capital gains one.

Are any of the site administrators able to help here?

Hi @KoroTrader, drop us a line at and we can take a look into your specific scenario.

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