Suggested Changes

  1. Ensure unit prices of unlisted managed funds are automatically updated instead of having to manually enter data (like Sharesights does)
  2. Ability to have a page which tracks previous ex dividend/pay dates & half yearly/annual reporting dates prior to announcements so indicative dates can be forecasted ahead of time
  3. Better linking of news, company and ASX announcements for each share with an option for email/app alerts as this could lead to prompt sell/buy actions
  4. Include alerts for significant price shifts (up or down) with parameters to be set.
  5. Daily email summary of portfolio performance (could be incorporated into item 3)
  6. Customised groupings in Portfolio (ETF, Individual Shares, US)
  7. Ability to see all trades/adjustments & dividends on one page (instead of Page 1,2,3 etc)
  8. Holding values and general history needs to be for the duration, not a max 3 years. Hugely important for long term investors
  9. No yield or yearly return in unlisted managed fund summary page.
  10. Custom classifications so weighting in charts/tables can be better managed to gauge diversification.