Superhero - Automated Trade Importing

Hey guys, the website says Superhero supports Automated Trade Importing but I can’t figure out how it works. Superhero doesn’t send confirmation emails!! Any help would be great!!

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Hey Ben, it is definitely a bit strange that Superhero doesn’t by default send your trade confirmations… I am not very familiar with their platform, is it not possible to configure any settings to make them do it?

I think the way people are currently getting around it, is by downloading the trade confirmations (that can be found here: Where can I find the Trade Confirmation for my order? - Superhero), and manually forwarding each of the pdfs to their Navexa Link email address.

This is definitely not ideal, as it is not “automated” at all…

So as of today’s date, I think the workarounds would be to either:

  1. Send an email to your Navexa Link address with all your new trades attached
  2. Just use the Superhero file importer

Both methods will prevent duplicate trades from being entered.

Sorry that this doesn’t make your experience a whole lot easier! :frowning:

Hey @Ben - I reached out to Superhero’s support, and in regards to automatically sending the PDF’s they said:

Unfortunately not at the moment, but I will pass this on to the engineering team as a suggestion.

Hopefully it will happen, but no guarantee.

Hey Nick, cheers for your response. I guess it’s not really “automatic” yet, but tricky given the way Superhero runs their trade confirmations.