Support for delisted shares, options and crypto

Hi! Just loaded up my first portfolio from my trades - was awesome experience. I actually built something for myself using public APIs but this is way better!
Three requests:

  1. Add support for delisted stocks. When I loaded my trades, it couldn’t find / verify shares that were delisted so I am now missing those trades
  2. Add support for options. I bought / sold a few ASX options and it couldn’t verify the ticker
  3. Crypto cannot be added through the upload file. Would be great if there was a way to add this instead of manually entering the data


Hey @gerardsyd thanks for the feedback!

  1. We do support most delisted stocks, but sometimes the file uploader has issues with them. We are going to sort this though!

  2. Any example tickers we can have a look at?

  3. Yes this is something we are looking into solving very soon. We’ll likely add a generic file uploader first, followed by direct exchange integration to make it super easy.

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Hi Navarre,
Thanks, that’s great.
Some option tickers are XJO1F9, XJO1Z9, XJOHB7, XJO0N9, XJOHB7.
The other thing that would be great is support for managed funds.

I also had this issue when I was first migrating my portfolio. I can’t think of anything specific, but I remember it not supporting a lot of warrants that have since been delisted (which is not uncommon since they delist when they hit their stop loss).
As a work around, I just used the first 3 characters of the symbol, which is the symbol for the underlying security (eg: CSLKOE became CSL, which is the symbol for CSL Limited).
It is not ideal, but since it is not something I am doing every day it didn’t overly bother me. However, it would’ve been great if there was a way to bypass the validation and just import the lines with errors (and then I could fix the issues later).