Automate purchase/sales in the cash account

I have set up the cash account in Navexa to keep track of my brokerage account. When I buy shares money comes out of this account automatically. Similarly when selling shares money is deposited. If I have cash dividends cash is deposited there. I was thinking when entering a purchase or sale of a stock it would be good to have a tick box to automate a transaction into the equivalent cash account for the portfolio. That saves us having to enter them manually. Similar option for dividends paid in cash with a tick box to auto create the transaction on the deposit date.

Hey @Iccoffe, thanks for this suggestion!

Improving the cash account functionality is already on our radar. We have a project on the horizon which will potentially address all the points you make. It’s not going to be in the near future, but we are working on it!

Thanks again β€” and keep the good ideas coming.

Could it include interest from the cash? It would allow me to see overall performance.

+1 on the automation of cash account transactions when trades happen. This would be a good feature and I would then use the cash account holding type.

It would also be great to be able to manage multiple cash accounts separately as I have several cash accounts, each linked to a specific broker/market. Being able to keep track of transfers between accounts would also be great.

For instance, within the same portfolio, I have a CBA account with Commsec and an ANZ account with Selfwealth and sometimes transfer money between the two.

This is something that Sharesight can do, although in a rather clunky way. Can I hope for something better from navexa?

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Hey @olaf we have something in the works :wink: