Link my Interactive Brokers Account

Can you please add the ability to link my interactive brokers account automatically?

It is a bit of a pain keeping my Navexa account up to date manually

I want to add my vote to this request. I was able to sync my portfolio to my Saxo account so that it automatically added new transactions. Can this be added at some stage?

Hey team, just to give you an update.

We do have two solutions in the pipe for IBKR support, one of which is better than the other. We are waiting on a some feedback from a provider of ours, before we can proceed with the implementation. Suffice to say, it is on the way!

Hey Nick,

Will be upgrading my subscription when you add integration to IBKR.

Thanks, Mate.

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Very cool! This feature has been getting a lot of attention recently from our other various channels - Will chat with Nav on Monday, and will come up with a timeline!

Same here, I’ll watch this space.
PS: I have other 3 friends that currently use sharesight and won’t consider switching if there is no automatic integration with IBKR.

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Alrighty team, we hear you loud and clear!

Would anybody be able to indulge me as to why they use IBKR? It seems extremely popular

Some unordered points…

For starters, No monthly fee ( They used to have a $10 fee for inactivity if you did not made a trade in a month and you have less that 100k, but I think it was removed)

Low transaction fee. $1 USD per trade (NASDAQ,NSYE) and for ASX it is about $6.60

The conversion rates USD/AUD are pretty good.

Their platform is second to none, with great security. The web app and the mobile app are pretty good. Great algorithms for buying/selling . Integration that gives you the company profile, fundamentals, financials, analyst rating and the news and upcoming events for each company/security.

They have a great Learning resource the Trading academy with lessons + quizzes

The reporting is great as well. Their whole portfolio management view is pretty good as well. I’ll say that the only thing that is missing is what you and sharesight have which is the Australian tax part, and the nice report per security with the return (

They have desktop app (Trader Workstation) that is probably too advanced for what my needs are (or my trading knowledge )

The setup for the Australia SMSF takes a week to get approved but is not hard to get, not sure how other platforms are.

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Support is quite decent.

And this point will be quite interesting for you, the API documentation is pretty good, (with examples for each language (Java, .NET (C#), C++, Python, or DDE) have a look

Get a read here for more

I’m not too familiar with the other tens of trading platforms but this one seems very complete for my needs.

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@fede Thanks for that writeup, really thorough and insightful!

I think I had stumbled similar documentation in the past. Unfortunately it requires you run their Trading Workstation (TWS) application per account. However they do have some solutions more appropriate for third parties such as ourselves, which we are currently looking into

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